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Why Your Book Is Unfinished

💡Did you know ONE of the main reasons many writers haven't finished the book that they have been writing for months or Possibly years was because they are looking for perfection in the first draft?

Perfection = Editing While Writing

There are numerous reason as to why writers should not Edit while writing. While it appears to save you time in the busy lives you live it actually creates a delay.

📌Here are some reasons you shouldn't Edit while Writing: 🔑Editing takes time away from writing 🔑Editing is an interruption in your writing process/flow 🔑You will probably change it again in later revisions

💡The key is to enjoy the writing process. You will grow to love your writing more and eliminate the unnecessary stress of perfecting a draft.

Write.Revise.Edit.Revise.Publish. There is a process. 💡

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