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One Reason Your Readers Are Bored

📌Can You Guess the Number One reason why Your Book Is Boring?

🔑Too Many Details 🔑

📌That's right too many details! Excessive details will drown out the effectiveness of your book. They also distract readers from the story which causes a chain reaction of them not finishing the book. Ultimately make the purpose or objective of the story lack interest. If you have readers skipping pages to get past the excessive details then there is your sign that you may need to revise.

📌Details are great when they enhance the story. However, if they have no purposed then they can be seen as "filler" or words to take up space. As an example, knowing the way paint looks on a wall is not relevant if the wall plays no purpose in the story. If the detail has no purpose or impact on the story it may not need to be included.

📌📌📌 With all of that said, do yourself and readers a favor and cut back on the excessive details!📌📌

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