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An Editor's Pricing Shouldn't Be Your Primary Focus

💡Do you know TWO of the most important questions to ask an Editor before inquiring on Pricing?

🔑What type of book is your specialty? What style guide do you use? 🔑

📌These questions are important because 1) Every editor does not edit everything. You need to find an editor that enjoys to read the types of books that you write first or you will be wasting your time. Time is one of the most valuable things that you are not able to get back. 2) You will know if they understand the industry standards. By knowing the style guide that they use you are able to make sure that they would be attempting to follow established guideline.

💡 Note: It should be a red flag If they have no clue that the style guide used by other Editors industry wide is the Chicago Manual of Style

💡These are not the only two questions to ask an editor before hiring them. However, pricing is an important question to ask to make sure they are within your financial boundaries. However, hiring an editor with a lower or higher cost does not equate to quality.

Remember to do your due diligence and ask numerous questions before trusting anyone with your work.

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